NT Labor denies division over McArthur River Q4

Member: Mr MILLS
The Chief Minister has told Territorians that the primary reason the indigenous members of this House did not support the MRM bill was because of the timing of the funeral at Borroloola. What was your objection to the MRM bill? Was it simply the case the timing was wrong or was it the case that you objected to the bill because it would have the effect of taking away the established rights of traditional owners?


MINISTER for NATURAL RESOURCES, ENVIRONMENT and HERITAGE: Madam Speaker, I am not going to thank the member for Blain for his question because he is just playing gutter politics with this whole thing. This matter is old news. The legislation passed through this House, is in operation and the mine is proceeding. As I have said, and if the member for Blain had bothered reading my interview with the Northern Territory News [see also article from the Australian], I said that I had difficulties with the timing, however, I supported the legislation. I do not intend to go over those issues again. You can try to twist and turn this as much as you want, that there were issues. I have explained that, and, yes, I was at a union function.

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