McArthur River Mine social obligations contract ‘signing soon’

The Northern Territory Government says an agreement with the McArthur River Mine (MRM) on its social obligations to the community near Borroloola will be signed soon.

The Government made the agreement as part of the approval process for the mine’s expansion.

But work on the expansion has already started and the agreement is not finished.

Regional Development Minister Kon Vatskalis says the Government’s lawyers are trying to make sure the mine will pay the $32 million it has agreed to.

“We have tried to safeguard and make sure nothing will go wrong and whatever happens the money would flow to the community,” he said.

Mr Vatskalis says the mine will pay the money in annual instalments, and says his Government will top up the funds if necessary.

“If we find out that the money that MRM pays in a year is not enough to finalise a project, then we will be asking the Commonwealth to come to the party and certainly the Territory Government will come to the party to put the money for a project because some projects are going to be small, some projects will be big,” he said.

from the ABC..

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