Can you beat them (Xstrata) ! Disgusting! People before profit, please!

The recent comments say it all.

Why is Xstrata appealing a legal decision that they convinced the NT Martin Labor Government to override with a one-off quick fix amendment?

Maybe what Xstrata meant to say was…

“Its a matter of precedent, we will do whatever it takes to destroy this river and crush any opposition that stands in the way.

or… “Its totally unacceptable that the courts should rule in favour of Traditional Owners when we had gone to so much trouble to get the personal intervention of John Howard and Clare Martin to make sure that our mine plans would be supported.”

or… “It is a precedent that we cannot let stand,we will not let an Australian court of law diminish, by even one dollar, our profits.”

Seriously though, by forcing the TraditionalOwners to defend a decision that is no-longer relevant Xstrata will increase pressure on the Traditional owners both financially and emotionally.

What will their PR department come up with next?

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