Xstrata delays agreement on social obligations

Documents obtained using freedom of information laws show mining giant Xstrata is yet to sign off on what economic and social benefits will go to residents near its McArthur River Mine in the Northern Territory.

Work has already begun on the mine’s expansion, which involves diverting a five-kilometre stretch of the McArthur River despite the objections of traditional owners.

But the mine’s management plan shows an agreement on social obligations is still being drafted.

The NT Government promised there would be improved outcomes for the local community when the Environment Minister gave the expansion her approval last August.

Charles Roche from the Territory’s environment centre says the agreement should have been locked down by now.

“If it’s good enough to start work on the diversion of the McArthur River then it really should be good enough to have that social benefits package worked out,” he said.

Xstrata has agreed to a $32 million community benefits fund.

 from the ABC

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