Xstrata commits to new Mt Isa study – nothing for McArthur River

This is great news for the people of Mt Isa. Lets hope Xstrata actually releases the study.

Maybe Steve de Kruijff could come over to the Northern Territory and undertake a new environmental study for the McArthur River. It doesn’t seem that the current McArthur River Mines management know what ‘independent academics’ or ‘keep[ing] up with community expectations’ is, let alone commissioning and releasing a world class study.

Do we need more ‘intense media scrutiny’ in the NT?

From the ABC

Swiss mining giant Xstrata will undertake a new environmental study in Mount Isa, in north-west Queensland, after intense media scrutiny over high lead levels in the soil.

Forty residents attended a public meeting last night to hear Xstrata’s response to a new scientific study showing lead levels up to 30 times higher than federal guidelines.

The meeting was told the company had several programs to limit environmental impacts, such as the use of radar to control emissions.

Xstrata’s Steve de Kruijff says a project team will now be formed to assess the overall condition of Mount Isa’s environment.

“We have engaged an independent academic who is a world class toxicologist and we plan to use him as part of our smelter project team to develop a long-term emissions strategy to ensure that we keep up with community expectations, to make sure that we’re ahead of community expectations,” he said.


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