Xstrata, Mt Isa, children have elevated lead levels

More on Xstrata’s record on heavy metal pollution…

The director of Townsville’s Environmental Health Unit says one in 10 children from Mount Isa, in north-west Queensland, tested for lead, have shown marginally elevated levels in their blood.

Dr John Piisanen says 185 children aged one to four have been tested since last December with 18 returning positive tests.

Environmental samples taken around the area show lead levels are more than 30 times above federal health guidelines.

Dr Piisanen says the next step is to find out how the children were exposed.

“We’ve used as a benchmark the world health guideline of 10 micrograms per decilitre and 18 children have gone over that, none of them are over 20 and it hasn’t shown any alarming contamination,” he said.

“What it’s shown is that there’s a need to case manage those 18 kids and find out where their exposures may have been and negate those exposures.”

full story from the ABC…

3 responses to “Xstrata, Mt Isa, children have elevated lead levels

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  2. Douglas Laing says:

    “I was borne (in 1936) and spent much of my young life in Mount Isa. I was not surprised to hear of the results of the survey of children in the town. I would like to know from the experts why it is that only children were surveyed. Lead is an accumulative toxin. I would think that a similar survey of older people who have lived in the town most of their lives would also be useful to get both sides of the age spectrum. My other concern is related to cadmium. This heavy metal has been cited as another of the pollutants in the area. One only has to enter the words “cadmium” and “diabetes” into Google Search to see the multitude of studies from reputable institutions on a highly probable relationship between this toxin and the incidence of diabetes (Type 2), as well as many other human diseases. Cadmium is also a cumulative poison. Further blood tests on both lead and cadmium (and possibly other pollutants) would be essential in my view. I am also very concerned at the apparently negative attitude of the present owners of the mine. These reports suggest that nothing has changed in Mount isa. The perfidious shadow of the former MIM Ltd. lingers on unabated.”

  3. I think it’s a load of sh@T I lived here all my life had regualar blood test all came back ok so I think the people with these problems really need to take a look at there life style.

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