Queensland Conservation Council appeal Tribunal decison

This is not about McArthurRiver but I thought it might be of interest, it is a groundbreaking case, and is all about Xstrata (and climate change) building another coal mine in Queensland.

Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) today appealed to the Queensland Court of Appeal against a decision of President Greg Koppenol of the Queensland Land and Resources Tribunal (LRT) on 15 February 2007.

In its judgement, the LRT questioned the science of climate change, and concluded that a demonstrated causal link between the mine and climate change was required before conditions to avoid, reduce or offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions could be imposed.

 ‘The LRT was wrong to question the science of climate change without giving QCC and its experts an opportunity to address the issue.  Climate change was not in dispute during the hearing, and we were taken completely by surprise when the Tribunal questioned the science and seriousness of global warming’ said Toby Hutcheon, Coordinator of Queensland Conservation.

QCC believes that all new developments, including new coal mines, should be subject to reasonable conditions that ensure that greenhouse gas emissions are avoided, reduced or offset.

For more information see http://www.envlaw.com.au/newlands.html.

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