4 responses to “So you can see what the river looks like

  1. We have enough mines allready, when will the wholesale exploitation of our natural environment, our home, stop? It hurts me to see such disregard when the only achievement is more material to feed and fuel the consumer throwaway incredibly violent society of modern man. I’m afraid I can’t call ourr society a civilisation as this sort of action is not civil.

  2. I feel ill at heart that this could be happening. The complete lack of respect shown the customary owners of the river and the potential transgressions of sacred sites with little consideration by either GoNT of the mine operators is tragic and a real indicment on the state of humanity on this planet. Would Xstrata try this on in Europe? Methinks not.

  3. sure, there’s been a lack of respect shown towards the owners and custodians of the river.

    but it also illustrates a distinct lack of respect towards the planet. a lack of respect that extends beyond this unacceptable proposal, to their activities in NSW, Mt Isa, and overseas in South Africa, the Phillippines … in fact wherever they turn.

    I disagree with Pappinbarra: yes, I expect X-strata would try this on in Europe, or anywhere else. These wanton polluters recognise no future on our planet.

    I know that some people are calling for x-strata to develop a new plan that doesn’t involve diverting the river,
    but personally,
    I’d just rather they did pack up and leave,
    so that someone with preferable credentials could take on responsibility for the mine.

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